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Black Robin Socks Feedback

"I was pleased with the products purchase, my son should continue treatment up to 4 years and I hope to continue to count on the quality of your products."

"Very good product!"

"Good service and excellent product."

"Perfect socks for the Ponseti boots and bar."

"The socks are brilliant! I couldn't find any socks for my baby at 2 months that weren't either too big (causing them to fold over when I was strapping the shoes) or ribbed that creased his wee feet and made him look uncomfortable. The socks that I ordered arrived quickly and were tight enough on his feet that when the straps were tightened that they didn’t fold over. They were also high enough to come up over the boots and I then folded the top of the sock over the top of the boots. It is an awful experience to go through but with the socks I feel like I am helping to make this journey easier on both my baby and me."

"I liked the product and delivery is very fast."

"Best socks for boots and bar! This is my second order. Thanks for shopping to NZ :)"

"Arrived the next day and work so well with boots and bar to stop slipping."

"These are great, my son has had no rubbing at all from his boots and bars. I only wish someone had suggested them before he went into his boots and bars so we had them ready."

"I purchased the orthopedic socks for my baby boy. I am really happy with your professionalism and fairness. I am sure to be promoting your company to all the people I know. I would be happy if you wrote my experience on your web site. Thanks to all the staff that now has done so to ship the product. Thanks!"

“The special socks made wearing her boot much more acceptable to my grandaughter (and the baby's mum)” - Anonymous

“Good quality socks that hold the foot firmly in the shoes. Also hard wearing. Very happy with them.” - Anonymous

“Fantastic socks. We were getting blisters under middle strap until started using the c pro socks on our 3 month old son. They are well worth the money…” -Anonymous

“I have only ever had my son wear the black robin socks, these have been great as he has never had any problems with rubbing or blisters. I would highly recommend them.” - Anonymous

“These socks have stopped my daughters skin from breaking under the straps of her boots, well worth the money” - Anonymous

“Amazing socks. My daughter is soooo comfy!” - Anonymous

“I’m very happy with the product and service I received. Thank you so much” -Anonymous

“They are great! The double layers really help to protect his little feet in the boots and his blisters are going away and I can tell he is much more comfortable.” –Vanessa, mum to 3 month old boy

“They are brilliant. I could not have designed them any better myself. I had been buying socks with the grippers on anyway but they are no way near the quality of the ones that you sent me. So from me and Maddison, a big thumbs up.” – Claire, mum to Maddison

“They are beautiful keep up the good work. I will definitely be buying some after Joshua has had his new pair of boots as he is outgrowing the ones he has now” -Rachel, mum to Joshua

“Love the socks. Thank you for providing a solution to blistered feet!” – Laura, mum to Frazer

“They are excellent quality; my daughter seems comfortable in them. They fit nicely over the cast and fit her feet perfectly, nice to have socks that don’t come off. They don’t seem to snag on the cast either, I would recommend them to anyone.” – Helen, mum to baby girl in Hip Spica Cast

 “I've found the socks a godsend. Before receiving them I was using thick socks to try to prevent rubbing but they were just bunching up. Sammy's feet were also slipping out of position and because the socks weren't very long they kept falling down and therefore not providing any padding at the top of the boots. All these problems have been solved with your socks - they're well fitted so they don't bunch, the grip on the bottom really works and Sammy has no blisters - probably thanks to the double layers. It's really reassuring for me as Sammy’s mum to know that he's wearing specific socks that are designed especially for his condition. I'll definitely be buying these socks until he's out of the boots and bars” – Beth, mum to Sammy

“They wash well and leave no marks on his feet.” – Kimberley, mum to Finlay

“Josh doesn't seem to sweat in them despite the hot weather. Size is perfect and his feet are not slipping in the shoes.” – Hannah, mum to Josh

“I must say they are brilliant, he is very comfy in them, and there have been less marks on his skin from the straps also his feet are less sweaty, and his feet grip better to the boots. I would recommend these to any parents for their child/children that have to wear boots and bars.” – Laura, mum to Aaron

“The socks are great quality and the double layering is great, the textured bottom is also good to help stop the feet slipping. They fit the length of his feet well, it is really hard to get socks to do this and the length they go up the leg as well is great” – Melissa, mum to 2 ½ year old boy

“To begin with they’re lovely looking. I always expect things like this to be plain at best, if not horrible. The studding on the base of the sock is a great idea. When Alex first went into his boots he didn't have a well formed heel so his feet kept slipping out. As socks exaggerated this problem he had to have bare feet throughout winter, these socks would have been invaluable.” – Sarah, mum to Alex

“First impressions are that they are really good, we've definitely noticed a big improvement in the rubbing on his heels which has not happened at all. The dots on the bottom give good grip and they are long enough to fold over the boots to try and stop him wriggling out!” -Emma, mum to Jack

“The boots started rubbing Henry and he started getting blisters within a day so we decided to try the socks with them.  Since using the socks his blisters have gone and there is no sign of any others appearing. We have had no problem with the boots slipping since using the socks, they are fantastic!” – Wendy, mum to Henry

“Thanks very much for the socks, they are very useful. I will love to order more socks” – Faith, mum to 9 month old boy